Door to door…Sierra Club?

Was taking a quick 5 minute nap before heading to kickboxing last night when the doorbell rang and (somehow started barking after 9 years of non-) dog went apeshit. Nap:done, door:answered. Two quasi hippie looking dudes that I could have mistaken for most in my friend circle at the door, clipboards in hand. No patchouli smell permeating the air, five seconds of attention span granted ready….go.

Clean water is important… *I nod approvingly*
*Phones ringing*
Alright guys, phones ringing, I gotta GTFO the door, you need a signature to get something on the ballot or ?
WAIT!? WTF!? I told you I’m a Sierra Club member already, but you still ask for money? Not just any money, but pure, cold, untrackable cash? Seriously? I mean we can form a drum circle or play some ‘footbag’ or some shit and talk about clean water, but your odds of getting my cash without holding a knife to my throat are slim to none.

In the days of using inner city kids to whore your magazines/cookies/whatever door-to-door under the guise of ‘helping them’ because they can ‘win’ a $200 scholarship (newsflash: two benjis gets you a textbook these days. Solo, singular, numero uno)….oh and better yet in the days of PRIVATE SCHOOLS going door-to door asking for donations for their VIOLIN PROGRAM (I shit you not, last week two yupparents were going whore-to-door trying to raise money for a violin program!) the Sierra Club thinks that it makes sense to send people out playing big money no whammies in my neighborhood?

C’mon guys, c’mon.

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