And on the 8th day…

Travis Rice was created. Well, OK, I only consider people at snowboard God level if they grew up riding the WA resorts, but we’ll give him Godlike status.

Truth: You will NEVER ride as good as Rice. Ever. The sooner you accept the fact that less pressure you’ll put on yourself in the park or whatever and get back to just enjoying riding. Sorry Kev, I’m talking to you.

Oh yeah, footage is from the King of the Hill contest. If you’re old, ugly and gray (or bald…) you may remember the contest from the early 90s (think Matt Goodwill and the world’s stiffest foam core board – may have been the year he got all famous from doing that big ol’ flip?). Or you might just be old, ugly and gray (or bald) and not recall the contest. Whatever, watch the vid.

The King of the Hill 2010 from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

2 comments to And on the 8th day…

  • a

    even when judged against his contemporary peers (the really only way to do this shit–middle of the roads from now are superpros ten years ago), he’s the baddest.

    also note that this bald dude rides a t.rice.


    still and all, he’s just some snowboard dude. call me when he’s bloggin hoard or something bomb like that…

    ps crazy vid

  • Justin

    Man, even the ams these days would be superpros 10 years ago. I mean hell, any given day at any given resort half the kids are pulling 7’s with style.

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