The dream has changed

Cool new post/pics over at JJ’s blog. And yeah, couldn’t help but think ‘the grass is always greener…’ when reading, but he called himself out on it quickly. You’ve got to admit there’s something admirable about following what his heart is telling him to do with his riding, because I’m pretty sure:

1) most of the haters will continue leading their bitchmade existence, going to a job they hate and being managed by a manager they despise, yes manning him while he’s in their face and whispering under their breath about him around the watercooloer instead of nutting up and changing their situation and
2) Mr. Jones would have very little trouble setting up a season of 100% sled and heli drops on someone else’s dime.

Jonaven Moore tops out
I say 'nice ice sculpture' you say 'sick rideable lines'. Not quite potato/potatoe.


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