Avalanche beacons on sale at REI

Was poking around the interwebs this morn’, seeing if any of the usual shops had the Tracker 2 in stock, and noticed REI has some pretty good deals right now on their beacons. Maybe not the cheapest you can find online (though I didn’t search around to verify), but certainly the cheapest you’ll find at a shop that will stand behind everything they sell. As always give you local shops a chance at the sale before going online. Get a new beacon and get your spring tour on!

UPDATE: Check this widget out to quickly/easily find any sales


Ortovox S1 - $370 (reg $499)

Ortovox Patroller - $214.93 (reg $289)

Pieps DSP - $329.93 (reg $450)

BCA Tracker - $214.93 (reg $290)

UPDATE 10/14/11:  As this post is still getting traffic but is from an old sale I put a gear finder search box up on the top right rail to help you find any items on sale.  Just go up there, type in what you’re looking for and click search and a list of items and prices matching your criteria will show up.  Should help you quickly find what you want and at a price you want it at!

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