splitboard.com becomes splitboardlife.com

Due to a domain registration epic fail splitboard.com is no longer what it was and what WAS splitboard.com has been moved to splitboardlife.com. Update your links accordingly so you can keep up with the crazy trip reports and gear setup 411.

UPDATE: Disregard this post. Chris aka BCRider managed to strongarm a ho and get the OG domain back. Nice work Mr. BCRider, I owe you a beer next time I see you.

6 Replies to “splitboard.com becomes splitboardlife.com”

  1. Heh, tell Chris how you *really* feel. 😉

    1. Hey, I like Chris a lot, but there’s no two ways about losing a domain you’ve owned for a number of years and built a mini biz around! I’m sure he’d say the same thing, likely with stronger words!

  2. srsly it is an amazing FAIL

    splitboardlife sounds like a lame teen magazine or something

    1. LOL! Never thought of that….but yeah.

  3. Wow…rough crowd. 🙂

    ps. The domain is back. Thanks for your support. 😉

    1. OH SHIT! Nice work Chris. You must have been BUMMED there for a minute. Switch to Godaddy, they’ll annoy the living piss out of you when your domain comes due by email, phone, fax, carrier pigeon, etc.

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