Mobspot launched!

Well, we finally launched yesterday! My co-founder Ben was able to conquer his nerves and look like a comfortable pro giving the pitch. Sadly, we didn’t make it to day two of the SXSW Accelerator program, but we feel pretty good about where we stand in regard to solving an actual problem AND having a full-fledged business model (as one of my mentors said to me way back when ‘acquisition is not a strategy’). There isn’t anyone taking a good look at cross-platform recommendations v. your social graph, and we feel we’re positioning ourselves well because as smartphone feature sets continue their commoditization (touchscreen, GPS, accelerometers, etc.) the versions of an app from one device to another will not differ as massively as they do now.

The launch will be good for a few reasons, the biggest ones being I think I’ll be able to start sleeping a bit more AND start getting this blog back on it’s intended focus – fun stuff in the outdoors, especially those fun things that involve snow. We know there are still a few bugs, and we need to grow our app catalog, but we’ll start iterating on features quickly now that most of the nitty gritty interconnective tendons of 0’s and 1’s have been taken care of.

Take a look at the site and hit me with feedback either in the comments here or just ping me justin at mobspot dot com. Should be a fun ride, and I’m looking forward to getting this block away from terms like aws and apk and back to terms like rocker and camber!

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  1. lemme know when you’re hiring on janitors…

    nice one (whatever it is)

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