“I protect my kids”

Saw this over at Jonny’s site.  Serious LOL material here.

1)  Skier pushes kids down
2)  Skier curses, yells in front of his kids while talking about setting examples
3)  Skier puffs up
4)  Skier dick tucks in a major way (too bad his kids didn’t get to witness dad wrap duct tape on his dick and Silence of the Lambs it between his legs)

Yeah, for some reason yesterday’s embed failed (fixed now).  This one doesn’t.  In the words of Rodney King (or was it Reginald Denny?) “Can’t we all just get along?” and if we can’t I beg of you “If your bark is worse than your bite stop barking”. The dad in the vid reminds me of most of the guys in the Bay area come to think of it – alpha male right up til they aren’t.

#1 Skier Dad from Family Tree on Vimeo.

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