Tom Burt on Cordova Peak

Travel day summarized:

-PDX is the special ed of TSA workers
-You know you’re in Texas when they are announcing a guy was sentenced to death and you think to yourself ‘ya know, this guy will actually die’
-They call it ‘Lone Star’ beer because the name Hamm’s was already taken
-You know the chicken is bad when a self-proclaimed meatatarian picks it out
-When your hotel says it’s in Austin doublecheck that it’s in the city and not somewhere on the outskirts
-This vid stoked me out

This is a cut of Cordova Peak that Ari Marcopoulos and myself edited as an art piece.  The Footage was given by Mike Hatchett and Standard films.  Someone got a copy of it and posted it without our permission.  It is still my favorite edit of the mountain.  Voices on the tape are mine, Doug Coombs, Tex (Mike Devenport), Mike Hatchett and Victoria Jealouse.  Hope  you like this edit.

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