2011 and beyond gear previewdictions

Been watching the recaps from SIA from the blogzillas of the snowboard world (yes, Poormansheli was not invited to the Shred Blog Summit 2010…would have gone but couldn’t find jeans tight enough) and having some serious deja vu lately. Quick 2011 tidbits, but, unlike the others, I’m going to give you a quick peek at 2012 and beyond.


The blunt nose
So eighty eight or so two thousand late? Zorlac Metallica (I think that was the skate…) meets snowboard. Some like Salasnek(?) circa 93ish claim better jibbonking, others like Jones Snowboards circa 2011 claim better in pow. I claim that they just look cool, and since that’s all snowboarding is about these days they should increase your steeze-O-meter +100.

There’s nothing really to say about these as we all know heelside turns are overrated, and skidding turns underrated.


Two tongue boots
Average steeze becomes megasteeze with the ability to adjust your medial (or is it lateral?) flex independently, and get this it’s done in a new way – with shoelaces. That’s right, no more carpal tunnel annoyance from cranking your Boa AND you now have a reason to rock the latest pro model Shaun White Olympic Edition shoelaces (the last remaining piece of gear that has yet to see a pro model…that is until 2012) times four.

Expected a rush on the fleece US flag one of these (think post-Whitney National anthem) for the Olympics, but didn’t happen. Somehow with the Oakley Blades/neon allover/Batwaves redux the Mambosok has been neglected. I repeat THE MAMBOSOK HAS YET TO HAVE IT’S 2ND HEY DAY. Well, 2012 will see a righting of that wrong and the ‘sok will be back in full force. We expect the Mambosok to be especially popular at Snoqualmie and Ski Acres…again.

Yes, at one time these were popular and no that is not me

Early indicators are that fun will be back in vogue for snow season 2012. Kids will stop caring if their boots match their long underwear and whether their pants are tight enough and will instead focus on the mountain scenery and spending time with their friends. Hard to believe, I know, but you heard it here first.

Superearlybonus prediction for 2013: Hard boots and halfpipe, a combo that goes like hookers and blow.

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  1. these two never left, really:

    Capita had that mega-blunt nose on the one with the grab handprints like five years ago. T.Rice been having it for the past couple at least…

    (speaking on that Pushead graphic Zorlac, peep the Koston of Girl’s current powerslide line: http://www.miaskateshoponline.com/prodimg/w18_powerslide_koston_l.jpg I forget what that one was, a dude riding that would’ve been definitely in the crew with a weirdo-edge Zorlac!)

    Mambosok spirit endured with krusties holding back their whitedreads kinda…yeah? The current snow gypsy look would seem to welcome it. I believe you.

    Nike’s got the astronaut-looking double-tongue boot RIGHT NOW! Or did you not see that one? Instead of lateral flex, though, it’s for tucking your pants behind the outermost one. Just like shoes. Except that kids quit doing that 18 months ago…OOPS!

    Someone told me Ranquet or some other NW Legend is riding with no highbacks, due to some injury thing.

    That dude on ss.com “hardboots” gives daily updates of the Steven’s Pass snowboard park. He has a big ponytail and rides in hardboots. I agree more could follow, in this scenario: AT boot having splitboarders riding back through a resort after some slackcountry. It’ll happen.


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