T. Rice factory split?

(thought I posted this the other day but guess I forgot to hit publish)
Not sure if this is a Lib joke or not, but spotted this pic over at Southofthenorth. The lack of inserts makes me think it’s a joke, though maybe that’s a way (albeit an odd way depending on price) of circumventing the Voile patent fee?

Real or hoax?

UPDATE: Only place online I’ve seen the 2010 (non-Voile predrilled) split is “>US Outdoor Store. Next year’s look like they are drilled AND they’ve been showing them with Karakorum bindings…

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  1. the pic is real, the split was at SIA and is in the 10-11 lib catalogue – called the “voila”

    1. Ha, love the name (only cuz I always thought that’s how you pronounced Voile). Any idea the $?

  2. i wanna say 850 but id be lying if i said i was sure… the lack of inserts is apparently to allow for total customization based on personal preference, but given the name the voile patent issue is clearly a factor.

    1. 850 and i still have to drill my own holes? ouch. i like the 70s rock t-shirt sparkles tho.

  3. best photo mod … ever

  4. Couldn’t have done it w/o your original pic so you get like 75% of the credit for the modded pic

  5. “detatchable monoski”

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