BC Coroner’s Review of last winter’s avy fatalaties

You may recall that last winter was brutal for avalanche fatalaties across North America, with BC (and Clemina Creek area) having a particularly ugly season. A recently released report(click for full report in pdf format) by the grimly named BC Coroner’s Service Death Review Panel found that their is a gap between education and application in difficult situations, among other things.

The level of expertise required in order to make safe travel choices in complex terrain and under difficult avalanche conditions was beyond that which could be gained through entry-level recreational avalanche courses

While the report is primarily aimed at snowmobilers, and some of their findings are obvious (i.e. new technology makes it easier for sled n00bs to access terrain outside of their level to ride/comprehend risks), it’s still good stuff to read and have in the back of your mind.

Article on findings from The Province

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  1. aimed at snowmachiners? It’d better be in picturebook format, to get any run…

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    1. they could always wrap a huge 4×4 with the message? maybe write it in white on the 44″ tires?

  2. Couldn’t help noticing this other topical BC news when I was on The Province’s website:


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