Jones Snowboards site launches

Looks like Jeremy and the crew over at Jones Snowboards launched their site (maybe this isn’t news, but I hadn’t noticed til tonite). Noticed the tasty vittle below when browsing around.

The Solution splitboard
Rocker and camber and magne oh my!
Hybird rockered/cambered splitboard with real deal licensed from somewhere near Canuckistan Magne-traction. Specs say only available in a 158 and a 161, but down below the images it also says 162 and 165 so dunno what lengths it’ll be available in, nor the cost.

A play on 'splitboarding is the answer' me thinks

UPDATE: Just read that someone stole their ONE AND ONLY proto from their SIA booth! If you see someone riding it or trying to sell it on Craigslist punch them in the nose, take it and email

2 comments to Jones Snowboards site launches

  • a-man

    ummmmm stoners? Dude where’s my ONE AND ONLY prototype? I always assumed, from dude’s blogginz, that he was on crank. Meth Ice Speed Euphoria. Perhaps he’s into downers too…ludes?

    Anyways, I just want to go ON_RECORD and say that the nose on that thing is not a hybrid of powboard and freerideboard, or whatever his ghostwriter (another point: grammar is too good for the “Jeremey’s Words” parts on that site to be written by him) is claiming: it’s the fucking Noah Salasnek skateboardgraphic Sims. From forever ago. It’s also pretty much my T.Rice.

    I like the topo map graphic, even though it reminds me of that homeschooled weirdo M.Basich’s board…

    At any rate: having been splitboarding as long as I have, I have got to say that DIY is the ONLY way to go. Too many rocks out there (especially on splitboard missions WTF) for your board to cost more than 100 bucks. Shit was fun to make, too.

    FUCK these guys I AM THE EXTREME ONE!!!!!1!!


  • Justin

    re: topo map, prior has been doing that for a minute

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