Deeper Ep. 5

The Deeper crew swing another episode from the back seat of their Jeeps. Dunno, the more I see these teasers the more I’m thinking I just want to see quick cut scenes of people hitting a cheesewedge while MGMT (wait, the tight jeans/hipster meets hippy 80s synth redux thing is dead? Fine, let’s go old school and throw some brohymn in there…but can we get a version where the opening bass riff is played on a keytar?) plays in the background.


Between the part in the Krakauer book I’ve been reading about flying around AK, to the new Surfers Journal article about scouting lines from a plane, makes me want to revisit getting my pilot’$ licen$e.

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  1. I got five on it that it’s not a movie, just 20 of these things… the only thing that’d make this dude’s talking better is if he were in charge of subtitles, too. XTREEM!

    srsly tho these things for over a year? burnt.

    1. yea, been wondering about that shit. did they start hyping it a bit too early? i mean c’mon, it’s gonna end up being like the segway or something. all the hype about it ‘changing the world’ and that crap and then it’s just….a scooter.

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