Stats I missed on that Sunday Hood avalanche

Missed this blurb on the Meadows site talking about the Sunday Wy’east avalanche.

* Slope distance travelled: 14,500 feet, 6,000 meters or about 2.75 miles from start to finish.
* Elevation lost: 5,400 feet from the crown at around the 10,650 foot level to the “toe” at the 5,240 foot level.
* Width of the starting zone: 3/4 mile wide.
* Crown height at the fracture: Ranging from 4 to 10 feet
* Deposition field is in the millions of cubic feet of debris with up to 15 to 30 foot depths.

HUGE is an understatement. Thank God/Allah/Buddah/Joeboo/whomever that didn’t happen while that area was open.

Yup, huge

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