Spark R&D Fuse binding in stock at Snocon

Was pissing away some time this morning, dreaming of having three spare benjis to drop on splitboard bindings, when I saw that they are actually IN STOCK at Snocon. Pretty much everyplace is sold out of these (I mean hell, the guys at Spark are sold out of them themselves!), so if you’re in the market I’d say get on them now. If you’re unfamiliar with the Spark R&D splitboard bindings it’s time to crawl out from under your rock, dial into your internet provider, and get your learn on at their site.

The hawtness

EDIT: Throwing this (ugly) widget up so you can quickly/easily see who has the Spark, and at what price


(insert mini-rant about when you could get a full shred setup for $300 here…granted it probably weighed 40 lbs, the highbacks didn’t fold down, and you rode it in Sorels, but hey three hundred bucks!)


UPDATE 10/14/11:  As this post is still getting traffic but is from an old sale I put a gear finder search box up on the top right rail to help you find any items on sale.  Just go up there, type in what you’re looking for and click search and a list of items and prices matching your criteria will show up.  Should help you quickly find what you want and at a price you want it at!

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