“The next time you’re planning a trip to the backcountry…

your enthusiasm sparked by some glossy coffee-table book picturing snowcapped peaks under perfect blue skies, you would do well to keep in mind whence that glorious snowpack came. It is the nature of mountains to wring from the winds what moisture they happen to be carrying. This you already know, of course, if not from high school science classes, then from sodden vacations in the Adirondacks and the North Cascades. But optimism is dangerously immune to simple facts and the hard lessons of experience. It can be difficult to admit that spending time in the unspoiled wilds, more often than not, means doing time within the walls of a dank nylon cell, tentbound.”

-Jon Krakauer

Not tentbound

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  1. Great quote.

    Couple of mini schnauze photos up on my blog as of a few mins ago.

    And I still need to send you that whippet pick.

    Email me your address again.

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