OFF-TOPIC: Pete Carroll packing for Seattle (and a bonus ski vid after)

This video wasn’t even funny, but as I’m 1) a UW fan and 2) a Seahawks fan I’m posting it. Gotta think he’s getting out of USC right as it’s about to get hard what with the NCAA finally investigating all their alleged recruiting violations. Umm….to bring it somewhat on snow topic I’d say if you were buried in an avy Pete Carroll wouldn’t stop to dig you out but just ride by making pow turns.

OK, and one snow vid to keep it on topic. Ski vid this time that my buddy Alex sent last night (side photochop content on that pic of him w/ the chompers showing anybody?). The line doesn’t look anymore gnar then most vids you see, but the commentary by the skier Joe Vallone made the vid.

6 years of waiting till this line was right, I had a one day window and it all came together, Didn’t set out to do it but it was just one of those days were everything was right and if you snooze you loose, the worst part was post holing up there. After watching the line and the exit all year, I was totally fooled when in the line as to what the exit would be, Very exciting and exhilarating , the run is blind until the exit, every role in the line keeps you wondering if you are were you want to be. Steeper than it looks, three years ago someone from France skied this line and the whole thing slabbed and killed him at the first role. You want to do your homework for these. The Frenchies used to not have the air at the bottom and it used to snow enough to ski right through it. The air is probably 3 times as far out is it is down to clear the slab. I wanted to do it again, but the next day it was too wind loaded and the day after that stripped and gone for the season. I hate waiting for snow to stick to rock slabs, but this one was worth it. Pretty wild. Enjoy and come visit me in La Grave if you like what you see!!!

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  1. I can’t help but think that that somebody named Xavier or Candide would’ve done that shit non-stop…

    and anyone funny would’ve done that first vid non-start…

    I guess I’m just totally amazing.

    1. yeah, that first vid had potential, but was lacking in the script and the acting department…

      the 2nd vid, tomorrow i’m going to post your vid from that same line to stoke people out and show them how a REAL man does it!

  2. the real alex says: Reply

    I’m sure it will be totally amazing.

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