Dear Ullr,

Please deliver us some snow. I mean, yeah, you’ve given us an inch here and an inch there, and that’s cool (well, really it’s not that cool because it’s always followed by rain and wind in mass amounts). I mean, I knew when I moved back to OR it wasn’t going to be epic, but that the proximity of the mountains would more than make up for it. However, I didn’t bank on it being 34+ and raining everytime I check the mountain weather, and the blurry raindrop bokeh on the webcams is getting more than a little old. Really I want a dump, a massive ‘closeyourfuckingcitydowncuzyoudonthaveplowsandwatchcarsdrivedowntheroadsbackwardswithbrakeslocked’ type thing, some real gaper car pinball type shit. You came in like a lion, and having 5 pow days before December was cool and all, but the fact that our snowfall total is still what it was in November is a little alarming. So, if you could just hook it up that’d be great. Kthxbye.

Love always, hugs and kisses and whatnot,


enough of this bool sheet

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