Venture splitboards available online

Just noticed that it looks like the online retailers have gotten their shipment of Venture splits in for the year. Only mentioning it ‘cuz I was looking for them earlier in the year (though if these rains keep up this will be a surf blog soon) and nobody had ’em locally or online. If you’re not familiar with Venture you should definitely check them out as they are basically doing the Lib thing (ok, a few less breakthroughs) just without the pro team and marketing budget to tell you about it.

It seems only natural that we should strive to protect the wild places that inspire us. That’s why Venture has a dual focus: to improve the quality and performance of our boards while minimizing environmental impact.

We’ve followed this path from day one, building the cores for our very first prototypes with Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, a practice we continue today. Over the years we’ve also initiated a comprehensive recycling program, experimented with low impact materials, and implemented a lean business model. In 2004 we converted our entire operation to wind power. The latest step in our progression is becoming a member of 1% For The Planet, an association of businesses that pledge one percent of sales to the natural environment.

As we break ground on our new production facility here in Silverton, we are incorporating these same principles into the structure. Design plans include passive and active solar features as well as sustainable, recycled, and reclaimed materials throughout.

These are small steps, but they demonstrate our deeply held commitment to conservation. With this ethic guiding our every move, we continue to seek out low impact materials and methods while maintaining our focus on quality and performance.

Venture Euphoria

Venture’s pow monster. Flat between the feet and rockered tip/tail, wide, soft nose with tapered shape, and stance set 3″ back. Sounds like good lovin’ on a deep fluff day (and I love the Venture snowflake topsheets).

Venture Euphoria rocker profile

You're only used on pow days, why you so blue Euphoria?

Venture Storm

Right off the bat I know that some of the dick board riders hearts stopped when viewing the Storm *looks at a-man* The 2010 version of the Divide and the big line charger (with a shape that says pow day) in the Venture split line up. Rockered with a slight taper (10mm compared to 21mm on the Euphoria), soft nose and stiffer middle and tail.

Venture Storm rocker profile

Why don't you make like a banana and split?

I’ve actually yet to see the other two boards in their lineup (Zephyr, Helix) online yet, so this will have to do for those looking for the Ventures and can’t find them locally.

In other news, this site design is ugly. I’m over it. Anybody have any WordPress templates they recommend?

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