Ski lift malfunction in Devil’s Head, WI

So I’m flying out to Wisconsin this afternoon for Christmas and was checking the weather to see what I should pack (yes, serious procrastination, one beer last night before packing turned into seven beers on the town….oh hai hangover) and came across this article about a chairlift running in reverse at Devil’s Head ‘Ski Resort‘ (I use that term lightly in this case given it’s 500 vert total) in Wisconsin. Picture the scene in the below video, just with people on the chairs. D A M N. Best wishes to the 15 or so injured.

2 comments to Ski lift malfunction in Devil’s Head, WI

  • a-man

    I’m imagining Midwesterners all Ditka-esque, too, heavier than your average skier…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip!!!!!!

    ps related youtube lanks are KILLINIT

  • Justin

    think Ditka bodies in a Starter jacket and you basically have the women pegged.

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