Lives of the Artists: Xavier de la Rue trailer

Starts with a Basich style heli drop, transitions to a Craig Kelly-esque slash, than hauls balls at :22 in.

4 comments to Lives of the Artists: Xavier de la Rue trailer

  • a-man

    reminds me of me.

    …at least, when I’m stoned…

  • Legit little vid. Looking forward to the stuff he and Jones did in Antarctica.

  • DaveintheAK

    Great lines and I love the way this guy just CHARGES IT!!! And that “Craig Kelly-esque” turn, yeah that is a right on description. Those are tough boots to fill but when I think of Slash turns, Craig Kelly is the first person I think of and his slash’s were full on and laid out, just like that one.

  • Justin

    Yeah, first thing I thought on that slash was that I’ve seen it before, but who HASN’T been influenced by Craig Kelly

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