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Holy headaches Batman. Was trying to order up a TV combo from Bestbuy today to have shipped to my parent’s house. Using their chat function today, and 20 minutes later, still had no resolution. At first I thought Ashley1 was a bot, but I find it hard to believe a bot could be that stupid.

Ashley1: Hi! My name is Ashley1. How may I help you?
you : I’m wondering why I can’t get the 42″ Panny/360 deal shipped?
Ashley1: Thank you for contacting This chat session may be monitored for quality and training purposes. My name is Ashley, how can I assist you today?
you : Says free shipping on the deal, but when I click to checkout says it won’t ship
Ashley1: I would be happy to help you with that today? (why the question mark Ashley, are you unsure as to whether you’re happy to help me?)
you : Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for. The xbox/Panasonic combo isn’t allowing me to have it shipped from your website
Ashley1: The one for $599.99
you : Even though it clearly states free shipping on the deal
(at this point she had stopped typing so I got up and made a sandwich)
you : Hello?
Ashley1: Just one moment
you : Cool
(sandwich finished by now, maybe Ashley isn’t dumb but just a slow typer?)
Ashley1: Im seeing a panasonic/xbox deal, we have a sony/xbox deal
Ashley1: Sony /ps3 deal sorry
(Nope, I’m wrong, she’s dumb or a bot to not know about the deal on the cover of their Sunday ad from last week and right on their homepage)
you : You have a 42″ Panasonic/Xbox 360 deal right on your homepage, my problem is that when I try to check out it will not let me have it shipped even though it says right on the deal page free shipping. My question to you is why can’t I get that shipped
you : the closest store w/ it in stock is 3.5 hours away so that doesn’t really work for me sadly
you :
(Another 5-10 minute pause…eat a granola bar…get back up, refill my water for the 2nd time in our conversation, eat some candy, twiddle thumbs)
Ashley1: What is your zip code?
you : the delivery zip is 54487
(5+ more minutes pass, I decide that Bestbuy can kiss my ass and close the window)

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  1. CS rant provides levity to my otherwise quiet Friday night. 🙂

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