Sale spotted: K2 Shuksans for $99

Yeah, skiers have been saying they’ve been getting no love lately, well I got some love for you guys today. Actually, this deal isn’t love, this is hot and sweaty lust, just without the whole getting caught and hitting a fire hydrant/tree thing. 2008 K2 Shuksans for $99! Yup, that’s right, the lightweight touring ski everyone on Rainier and elsewhere seems to have for under a benji. Oh, and did I mention FREE SHIPPING? (I told you this was a hot, sweaty lust deal).

So there it is, get at this one cuz it’s hawt.

Click image, buy cheap skis

Click image, buy cheap skis

4 comments to Sale spotted: K2 Shuksans for $99

  • sell out… don’t really care. want, buy, have scenarios, whaaat?

  • Justin

    hey, skiers have feelings too…they’re just hidden behind goofy jackets with spiders on them (but hey, at least it’s not neon allover print right)

  • Aw man! Cant we all just get along?

    Live the Dream…

    My philosophy (veteran ski shop employee) I do not care what you are on and i dont care where you bought it.

    Just go out and have a great time!

    Promote the stoke and the sport!

  • Justin

    We’re all with ya man, just some good natured fuggin around!

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