Sale spotted – BCA Tracker for $229.99 at REI

NOTE: This is a bit of premature blogulation. Apologize for that, I’ll get you next time baby.

Was just browsing the latest sales flyer from REI, apparently their Winter Sale starts Friday. As part of the sale they’ve got the BCA Tracker avy beacon on sale for a penny short of $230. This is a damn good deal on a dead simple to use beacon.

Yeah, I know some of you are holding out for the (vaporware? Sasquatch?) Tracker 2, but I also know that some of you have been waiting for 2 years for it. If you’re in the market NOW for a beacon and want something that is so easy you could just about give to a 5 year old and they’d figure out how to use it the BCA Tracker is the one. Don’t forget you can order online and have it sent to the stores for free to avoid the REI/pre-Christmas sale crowds at the register.

$229.99 and its yours
$229.99 and it's yours


UPDATE 10/14/11:  As this post is still getting traffic but is from an old sale I put a gear finder search box up on the top right rail to help you find any items on sale.  Just go up there, type in what you’re looking for and click search and a list of items and prices matching your criteria will show up.  Should help you quickly find what you want and at a price you want it at!

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  1. Good deal on that guy.

    I think the Shuksan jacket and pants are a comparatively better deal though. 🙂

  2. I glossed over it at first, but yeah an eVent jacket for $220 ain’t bad!

    Job searching and tele accident recovery…this scutski?

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