VIRNE – a Finnish freeride movie

Matti emailed me this morning saying he found the blog when looking for some information on the Osprey Kode. He also passed along a link to a movie he and a few friends made.

Film is made practically zero budget with cheapest consumer cameras, but I think level of skiing is great.

This movie has a little of everything – skiing, snowboarding, fake tilt/shift, skin track time lapse – just an overall ‘good times in the mountains on great days with your friends’ vibe.

Matti, thanks for pinging me with your movie. Looking forward to future installments and what you can do once your current or future sponsors give you some better cameras. Canon, you out there reading, get Matti a 1Dmk4 to ‘test’ ASAP!

VIRNE from Matti Mottonen on Vimeo.

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