Sale spotted: Black Diamond stuff ~25% off at

Just saw that has got a crap ton of Black Diamond stuff on sale for up to 25% off. With 2-3 feet forecast over the next few days odds are you’ll be touring shortly, might as well save a few bucks on the gear you’re going to be needing/wanting in December.

A couple selected items on sale below, but they’ve got a bit of other BD stuff on sale at discounts from yay to nay, so if you’re looking for something by Black Diamond it’s worth checking out.

Whippets. Only 15% off, which usually doesn’t even register a ‘meh’ on my sale meter, but as these things seem to be sold out everywhere once the season starts I’m throwing it up.

Whippet (no not that kind of whippet) self arrest pole

Whippet (no not that kind of whippet) self arrest pole.

Anarchist pack
for 40% off. 40% off is more like it. External avy tools pocket is always a nice touch. Looks like solid boarders are SOL, but splitters can rock it A-frame.

Anarchist pack, 40% off.  External avy tool pocket.  Looks like its a no go for regular boarders tho, but for splitters you can rock it A-frame

Anarchist pack, 40% off.

Didn’t see much for tents or mids on sale, but saw the Fitzroy was 20% off. Yeah, it’s price is definitely more Portland Trailblazer (note I didn’t say Sonics…) than Poor Man’s Heli, but it’s one of those ‘buy once and own the rest of your life’ pieces of gear.

The baller Fitzroy

The baller Fitzroy

Saw the Freeride Plus bindings on sale for my homeys on splitboards that don’t convert back to board mode. 25% off ain’t bad.

F+ on sale for my homeys with splitboards that dont combine back into board mode

FR+ on sale for my homeys with splitboards that don't combine back into board mode

Also saw a bunch of skins, shovels and probes on sale at varying %’s off. Some good, some meh deals, all a few beers better than paying full price though. Speaking of beer, I’ve got an economy to stimulate, starting with happy hour. Deschutes? Bridgeport? Widmer? All of the above?

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