OFF-TOPIC: It’s not all bad news

Had to get the dead dinosaurs changed on my car today, went and kicked it at a local coffee shop and read the paper while I waited for the spent pterodactyls to be replaced with fresh t-rexes. A lot of people say they don’t read the paper or watch the news because it’s all bad news, but read a string of articles today that I thought were all positive/interesting.

Wind energy’s success creates a power grid challenge
– Yeah, obviously there is still a need to strike the balance between wildlife and alternative energy sources, but the fact that transitioning from hydroelectric or coal burning to wind power will certainly have long-term benefits that outweigh the costs. I think it’s amazing that the state of Oregon gets 7% of it’s power from wind already.

US water use down
– Again, c’mon, that’s good news! Water use down on despite increased population.

Last one, oil profits down – I’m not one of the ‘we should levy a special tax on oil profits’ people because I don’t think they should be punished for succeeding within the framework that was laid out for them. However, I love the fact that part of their current down quarter is due to real demand for their product.

Anyways, TGIF.

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  1. this is some pretty progressive snow-bro bloggin…

    1. i’m not progressive on the snow, guess i might as well be on the blog, or something like that.

  2. uh- that last one isn’t really positive. I think it reflects that ain’t nobody got jobs or skrills with which to buy thangs…traffic up here’s down too, partly because ain’t nobody got anywhere to drive…LOL U A SLAVE RAVING ABOUT HOW PRETTY AND SHINY YOUR SHACKLZ R WTF

    “the framework that was laid out for them” or “paid for by them?” U 3X Krazy bro: the price of gasoline in this country doesn’t even offset the real costs (health, eco, etc)…iono. “Special tax” might not be necessary, but comeon bro srsly…

    Water one is tite and wind is cool though.

    1. don’t hate ‘cuz they play the game better than you!

      btw, obama said the economy has rebounded. it’s gotta be real cuz he’s not ALL talk.

    2. damn, nobody took the bait.

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