Powder – check
Skiers – check
Snowboarders – check
Speed riding cameraman – check
Sick as hell – check

SKIPOPOW – Teaser HD Ski Freeride Film from TKB Films on Vimeo.

9 comments to SKIPOPOW teaser

  • Justin

    yeah, that doesn’t suck at all

  • a

    str9 to skipopopout HD and i’m lettin this buffer…many french names: this gonna be fire I can already tell…

  • a


    when I saw the first pov of the skis all geeking and then dude pulls away from snowa firma i’m like OHHHHHH JEEEZ that was tite! but then sall bout angles: camera angles became less exciting (although still so good); and the slope angles stayed low…and the snowboarders were all girls wtf?

    still though: almost to the end, the rear-facing POV (PORV?) when he got in the trees and the light was like that…that was dope. looked like a firehose spraying powdersnow. Too bad they didn’t have some snowboard dudes who were looking to do more than just eat spray.

    sicc yeah but hmmm hopefully there’s more

  • a

    and damn: forgot to mention the music. Cypress was acceptable (even le decontextualized mega-levelle madness), but that second song I though hmm maybe this is french canadian because holy shit that was horrid comeon

  • Justin

    i zoned out on the music, missed it

  • Justin

    yeah, got old after a minute, but a cool/different angle. i agree w/ the riders tho. they obviously won’t be on the podium at the LBS with you.

  • a

    fuk u.

    i take back what i said about meadows not sukin: meadows sux.

  • Justin

    nerve: touched

    i win.

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