2010 Libtech Snow Mullet

Next up in the ‘Boards I want to ride 09/10 edition’ (1st edition here) is the 2010 Libtech 1986 Snow Mullet. Reasons this board looks like a winner:

1) Taper. Just like the good ol’ days of boarding this board is narrower in the rear and bigger up top, just the way I like ’em. More surface area in the nose = more float in the nose, while the tail drops like Dr. Dre’s ’64.
2) BTX. That’s right, it’s got Lib’s Banana rocker with Magne-traction edges.
3) You can’t get a C2BTX board in anything longer than 164. While I’d love the combo of banana AND camber, it’s not available in any sizes, whereas the Snow Mullet is.
4) It just looks like fun, and in the end that’s what snowboarding is all about.

Yeah, I doubt I’d want to ride this board on a day-to-day basis, but for a custom split or the right powder day on chair 6 this looks like the bees knees.

If your local shop doesn’t carry the Libtech Snow Mullet the good people at evoGear, Snowboard Connection, and Backcountry.com will treat you right.

2010 Libtech Snow Mullet

2010 Libtech Snow Mullet

5 comments to 2010 Libtech Snow Mullet

  • a-man

    I rode a O.G. (pre-wavy edges and pre-upsidedownness) for the past few years. Best grown man Alpental board ever. Set it up centered and let the board do the rest. Nannerness took over though–not sure what it’s done to the Mullet.

    I guess it was sorta wiggley at high speed on groomers, but I’m so rad it didn’t matter. Kills powder (but what doesn’t?)… The main thing was how it killed past-noon tracked-up chunderzones.

    Bonus: I think taper trumps reverso camber (although I’ve only been one run on a nanner).

  • Justin

    yeah dood, i forgot to say it looks like it’d bust thru the midday mank and chunder. i’m notorious for tacoing boards when i hit that schtuff.

  • a

    it’s important to choose a high performance stick if you’re going to be riding Meadows. place is gnarly.

  • Justin

    LOL! believe me, not stoked on the hood thing, but stoked on crystal being a shorter drive than tahoe used to be.

  • cmac

    I still don’t see how the nana makes a tapered board better

    I’d like to ride one though and compare to the non-btx mullet

    wtf sup with the graphics? I want some of the Skunk Ape army of darkness horns throwing skeletons and shit

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