New NWAC site launches

The Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center recently launched their new site and it looks like a great redesign to an already valuable resource. The below clickable forecast map is just one of the many offerings they offer the backcountry rider or skier, and it’s worth a bookmark as you’ll want to reference their reports when planning your next trip. Also, if you like what they are doing you should consider supporting them so they can continue providing their services.

NWAC map

WA Casc-west & crest - North WA Casc-east - North Cascade Passes - Stevens Pass WA Casc-west & crest - North-central WA Casc-east - North-central Cascade Passes - Snoqualmie Pass WA Casc-west & crest - South-central WA Casc-east - South-central WA Casc-west & crest - South Cascade Passes - White Pass WA Casc-east - South Mt. Hood Olympics

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