Warren Miller intervenes in lawsuit

Warren Miller (yeah, the annual ski movie Warren Miller) stepped up big recently. Long story short, he was interviewed for the film Refresh (trailer below) by Level 1 Productions. However, Warren Miller Entertainment, Inc. “owns the exclusive right, in perpetuity, in all media, to the name, the personal endorsement, use of voice, and the likeness of Warren Miller, when used with its existing business, and the fruits of its related efforts” stemming from when they bought his company twentysome years ago. So, WME goes after Level 1 for their “irreparably injured and damaged” brand (like really? beyond repair?). Level 1, the little guy, is obviously not poised to outlawyer WME. However, Mr. Miller himself filed a “motion to intervene”, basically asking WME to sue him and not Level 1. Insane.

A more verbose rundown of the events can be seen here and here. Read the 2nd one if you’re going to read either of them.

““I have never made ski films solely for the money,” he stated. “I have always done what I do out of my love for skiing, passion for people, and the freedom that I find while on the mountain.”

Somewhere in the world bombs are going off. In another part of the world children are walking 10 miles to find clean water. Back here in the US a big ski filmmaker is suing a little guy for interviewing a filmmaking legend. Perspective.

Level 1 – Refresh Teaser from Level 1 on Vimeo.

2 Replies to “Warren Miller intervenes in lawsuit”

  1. well, someone still needs to pay for the whole tall tees thing…I’d’ve rather’d Warren Miller let them get sued.

    silly things happen when you all agree that someone else can own your face more than you own your face…or whatever. Silly shit. The “kids starving in Africa” argument is a bit of a stretch (it always is–it assumes that instead of suing eachother [or whatever you’re putting it up against as the alternative], these dudes would be feeding said starving African children by default), but yeah: intellectual property and trademarks and lawyers and shit? Fuck all of it! Court of public e-pinion on the e-Nets, that’s what I say! Biters is biters and freakers is freakers and weirdos is weirdos, and let all sorts of e-pedia breaksdowns sort it out…

    1. LOL, yeah, I took a bit of artistic license there, obviously. We all know lawyers are best used as fertilizer. And yeah, the nets is the new PR firm.

      Re: tall tees, got this Burton long underwear tee last year as a gift. The thing was down to my knees. Seriously. And you’ve met me so you know that’s a big ass shirt! I regifted it to a buddy who was stoked at the size, LOLOLOLOL!

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