Spark R&D bindings on sale

UPDATE: Spark R&D has sold out of their Ignitions. Threw this widget up so you can quickly/easily see who has ’em on sale

So was just poking around the interwebs since my view of Hood is currently blocked by clouds, daydreaming about participating in some economic stimulation. Ended up on the Spark R&D website and first thing I see is their Ignition binding is on sale for $255 (was $365 last season!). You’re not going to find ’em for cheaper, because if you wait til the end of season sales at your local shop they’ll be sold out (I know from experience waiting for the Snocon 50% off last year…), and good luck finding a pair used. I guess with their new, improved and drool worthy Fuse binding coming out they are blowing out the older model. Seriously, Will is cool as nuts, actually gives a F* about innovating their product by listening to the customers using it, and their bindings are the shit. Preface: I’ve never used ’em, only fondled ’em, but have witnessed the insanely quick transitions courtesy of bcrider, Tex and the rest of the crew. The fact that you’re getting a stiffer setup (if you can’t feel it just look at your feet next time you’re riding your OEM Voile setup while you’re riding…), dropping around a pound per foot off the weight you’re lugging uphill, as well as sitting about 1/2″ lower on the board is icing on the cake. If you’re even remotely interested in splitboarding and have the funds I’d recommend buying a pair of these while they are on sale…but please don’t buy ’em all because I want to get a pair once we’re funded and I’m getting paid again!

Spark R&D – Splitboard Transitions from Will Ritter on Vimeo.

The new hotness, the Fuse
Fuse is the new black
The old hotness and current p4p champ
The old hotness and current p4p champ

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