‘deeper’ first teaser


Ok, so the music is a bit overdramatic/borderline cheesy and sounds like it could have came from a videogame. But that helmetcam shot about 1:55 in made my ass pucker so hard the chair is still stuck to me.

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  1. Have to wait until 2010? Is this going release going to bootstrap Jones Snowboards into the market?

    I’ll watch. But starting to get the feeling this will be a That’s It, That’s All build up that can’t over come the unrealistic expectations.

    But I’m a jaded d bag

  2. I doubt a snow movie would drive the $$ needed to get his manufacturing going, but maybe. There’s been a lot of buzz around the flick already, and once they dropped the teaser it got even louder.

    I sure hope it’s not a TITA repeat. I had high expectations for that one and it turned out to be a backcountry booter flick with some Redbull promos thrown in from time-to-time.

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