20% off avalanche beacons at REI!

More BC on a budget stuff, and at risk of sounding like an REI whore (hey, I’m a sucker for someone that stands behind their products), I got an email in my inbox this morn’ with a code for 20% off a regular priced item at REI. Coupon code ‘FALLDEAL’. Just tested it out and it WORKS on avalanche beacons (a man, I checked and it won’t work on the split kit).  Beacons tend to not go on sale much so if you need one buy it now so you’re not kicking yourself in November/December thinking how you could have saved $50-100.

EDIT: Check the widget below to quickly/easily find beacons on sale

Ortovox S1 – BAM, 20% off (well, once you put it in your cart and enter FALLDEAL)

This can be yours for free...plus a couple hundred bucks
Ask not what you can do for your beacon...

BCA Tracker – BAM! 20% off.

With a wave of my keys...20% off
but what your beacon can do for you

Mammut Pulse? Yup, on sale for 20% off.

Et tu Pulse?  Than Poorman shall fall.
Et tu Pulse? Than Poorman shall fall.

I could go all day. Check ’em all out here and save yourself some beer money.

Read the fine print, looks like it doesn’t work on skis and snowboards, but it will work on other stuff like the Voile Tractor skins for your split, shovels, probes, and packs

3 Replies to “20% off avalanche beacons at REI!”

  1. good lookin out…I have a tracker.

    and you should be saying “buy one now so you’re not kicking yourself in December thinking how you could’ve saved YOUR LIFE” lololol

  2. Check it out, TGR just released the teaser on “deeper”, with Jeremy Jones. It gave me shivers just watching it…I linked it on my blog.

  3. Oh shit, good heads up! I’d heard this got dropped today but kept getting sidetracked.

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