BC on a budget – Voile Mini Telepro T6 shovel

If you know me at all you know that I’m a) cheap but also b) a fan of buying good gear. If you buy the good stuff upfront you’ll save money in the long-run. By shopping around I was all in, from board to beacon, well under $1k when I first got kitted up. So, in a continuation of the ‘BC on a budget‘ stuff just saw that the Voile Mini Telepro T6 is on sale at the REI-Outlet for $32.93. However, if you put in coupon code ‘OUTSNOW20’ you’ll get an extra 20% off, bringing it to…uhhh…carry the one…umm….$26 and change. A pretty good deal for a good shovel.

“>Voile Mini Telepro T6 shovel
Voile Mini Telepro T6 shovel

UPDATE: A lot of these old posts are getting traffic, but the sales are obviously no longer running. Put this widget below to help you out, also if you go to the right rail and search under ‘GEAR FINDER!’ you can quickly see the prices/offerings across a variety of retailers. Good luck!

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