Pieps DSP Advanced avalanche beacon deal

Saw this over at Oregon Mountain Community today when looking around for beacon deals for my buddy John that was asking about any deals I knew of as he’s looking to gear up for his first winter in the BC. They’ve got the Pieps DSP Advanced for $408, which is a pretty screaming deal as beacons tend to not go on sale much and everyone else seems to sell the Advanced for the full MSRP of $549. Yes, I realize a lot of people will balk at spending $400+ on an avalanche beacon while not thinking twice about buying the latest and greatest board for $600 and a $400 jacket, but hey we’re not those people right?

The DSP Advanced is a pretty highly regarded three antenna beacon, and was given high marks for it’s ease of use, handling of spikes, handling of multiple burials, and it’s range. Check out the reviews on Lou Dawson’s site and Beaconreviews.com for in-depth, professional looks at the Pieps.

The Pieps DSP Advanced beacon

The Pieps DSP Advanced beacon

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