Jones Snowboards – the rumors are true (aka As the Snowboard World Turns ep. 2)

Looks like the Nidecker built/Jeremy Jones designed brand rumors are true, and the Lib dreams have been quashed.

PRESS RELEASE, Squaw Valley USA, Professional Big-Mountain Snowboarder Jeremy Jones is proud to announce his latest contribution to the world of snowboarding – Jones Snowboards.

Based in Squaw Valley, CA, Jones Snowboards is the product of Jones’s desire to develop a line of snowboards catering specifically to freeriders.

Drawing on over 25 years in the snowboard industry and the peer proven talent that won him Snowboarder Magazine’s Big Mountain Rider of the Year Award an unprecedented eight times, Jones will combine his passion for freeriding with his vast research and design experience to deliver authentic products that far exceed today’s standards of freeride snowboards.

“I have started Jones Snowboards to develop the highest performance all-mountain snowboards on the market,” says Jones. “Freeride boards that reflect everything I’ve learned both on the snow and in the factory. Every snowboard we produce will be born of my passion and our designs will mirror the performance demands of my riding matched with the environmental demands of my conscience.”

The 125-year-old, family owned Swiss manufacturer Nidecker was chosen to engineer and manufacture Jones Snowboards because of their long-standing reputation as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced snowboard producers in the world.

“Jeremy’s talents have always inspired us here at Nidecker,“ says Henry Nidecker, company president. “We are excited to collaborate with him on this new project and offer Jones Snowboards both the award-winning technologies and the commitment to quality that we’re well known for after 25 years of building boards.”

With prototypes already in production, Jones Snowboards will make their first appearance at SIA and ISPO 2010. Expect worldwide distribution for the 2010-2011 winter season.

I’m excited to see what comes of this. Nidecker is one of those brands that I’d bet 8 out of 10 kids on the snow at your local hill have ever heard of, and most of them think crazy progressive Burton rider when they hear Jeremy Jones. I, as a non-jobbonker rider with some weight behind him, am excited to see what happens when someone focuses exclusively on all-mountain boards. From a financial perspective I’m far less bullish on what they are trying to do, but I’m guessing they went into it knowing it was more of a niche play regardless.

You know if it was 95 this would be photochopped onto the side of a soda bottle and on a t-shirt
You know if it was '95 this would be photochopped onto the side of a soda bottle and on a t-shirt already

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  1. […] Jones Snowboards – the rumors are true (aka As the Snowboard World Turns ep. 2) […]

  2. Not surprised he did this or went to the Nidecker factory. They seem to be a bit more in tune with the whole niche market idea and probably have a lower cost for small brands like this. Also not surprised Jeremy left Rossi that’s a sinking ship that’s going down like a 5 dollar hooker at a sailor bar.

    1. Yeah, Rossi…great M&A decision by Quik…LOL

      As for Nidecker, partnering with a smaller mfr over larger probably benefits both parties when it comes to economies of scale, whereas a Burton or other megamanufacturer doesn’t have much to gain

  3. …btw know any sailor bars and got a fiver i can borrow?

  4. …so far looks good: the homepage blurb mission statement thang has zero spelling or grammar errors. I’d’a cold run an Oxford comma in the first sentence, but that’s no biggie. A couple of awkward spots, but comeon: shit’s way less extreme than his blogginz. Solid.

    MITIGATING_FAKTORS: the name sucks. The logo and the font suck. There’s no mention of splitboards, so it’s just some old dude’s name on a euroboard LOL

  5. I remember going to a gay bar in ptown that had an anchor logo where the ends of the anchors were wieners. It was in an alley in that zone down by the weekend market.

  6. HA! fukkin A, strong posts brah, some of your best work! i think it’s interesting you were talking about the logo/font and then sequed into gay bars, because quite frankly i was thining that logo/font sucked cock as well. my guess is it’ll evolve, probably just needed to get something out there asap post-rossi writeoff.

  7. dude it sounds like “jones soda” almost the entire way. Say it out loud: “Jones Snowboards.” “Jones Soda.” I mumble a lot, so these two brand names are indiscernable when leaving my mouth.

    aaaaaaand the point is that Jones Soda sucks so wtf you thonking naming your snowboard company jones snowboards wtf wtf comeon.

    I will predict right now, also, that when these finally come out, they will be strapped to the legs of 84% of the bodies pulled out of avalanches.

  8. Talk about niche. The Nidecker factory is hip to the small rider circuit that keeps us all riding away. Solid post.

  9. I think you’re wrong on your 84%. I’m guessing the kids that watch the ‘backcountry’ jibbonker flicks will be more likely to duck a rope or hike to something without knowing what they are getting into, whereas someone who actually knows who the non-Burton Jones is and knows of Nidecker/Jones Snowboards will probably be more likely to be educated and make better calls in the backcountry.

  10. I’ve actually become very wary of the 30-something dude with a beard who buys all the avy-gear and talks loud in the lodge about LEEWARD_SLABS and HOAR_LAYERS and EVENTS, beeper on full tryhard display…they frighten me, because I think they believe they’re really on some Jeremy Jones shit…

    I can’t believe anyone old enough to remember Nidecker would buy one LOLOLOLOLOL

    I dunno who’s out there, though. You’re right.

    ps and I am too old to type “LOL,” yes. I know this.

    1. whore layers, huh huh huh

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