2010 Ride Slackcountry

First up in the ‘Boards I want to ride 09/10 edition’ is the 2010 Ride Slackcountry. I want to try this board for a few reasons.

1. The Schmidt beer can graphic. No, it’s not the first reason, but nothing harkens you back to those days of being a little kid and fetching your dad a can o’suds while he watched the pro bowling tour on Saturday afternoon like a Schmidt topsheet. By just looking at the topsheet I can close my eyes and smell the smell of warm, stale beer as we hit the recycling center scale to weigh our cans, cash in, and head to the baseball card shop for a couple packs of cards.
2. One of my first ‘ah-ha’ moments on a snowboard was on a Ride. Can’t recall the model now (KX? KDX?), but I do remember it had the motocross inspired graphic jobs. Oddly enough it had K2 Clickers on it as well, go figure. Was a pow day at the pass (like real pow, not mashed potatoes untracked that you called pow at the pass in 8th grade while doing tree runs at night) and I remember being stoked on being able to easily click in on the lift and go. Too bad it was a pow day at the pass instead of Baker/Crystal/etc., but at least it wasn’t raining.
3. It’s got a touch of rocker, but not retarded park rat amounts that sucks when trying to rail hardpack with speed
4. The name makes me think of long traverses to ‘hidden’ pow stashes that exist a week after the last storm
5. Looks like a good candidate for a DIY split project

Marketing speak:

Designed to dominate the deep stuff, the Slackcountry features our new HighRize rocker with HighRize specific sidecut for a loose feel that retains response. Also built with Membrain®, Silencer 7™ & REAL UL Glass to provide ultra light powder performance. Switch or regular, float in the pow like you’ve always dreamt, but don’t bother pinching yourself ‘cause this Ride’s for real.

High Rize rocker explained

HighRize Rocker Technology from Ride Snowboards on Vimeo.

Available in three nifty ‘old school man’ topsheets (think: the time before ‘men’ got manicures, pedicures, drank fruity drinks and wore tight jeans – these are hunting/fishing/beer/whiskey drinking topsheets dammit!)


Ride Slackcountry 161

Ride Slackcountry 161. Bass fishing and ducks, you can almost smell the Old Spice


Ride Slackcountry 164

Ride Slackcountry 164 and ice fishing, for when regular fishing isn't man enough


Ride Slackcountry 168 and biodiesel powered snowmobile topsheet

Ride Slackcountry 168 and biodiesel powered snowmobile topsheet

Your local shop should carry Ride, but if for some reason the buyers dropped the ball and didn’t order the Slackcountry this year you can grab it online at the usual suspects – Snowboard Connection, evoGear, REI and backcountry.com.

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