Hardcore Sniagrabber

When I was a kid I remember getting stoked for the Skibonkers/Sniagrab sales of the world (I also remember trying to convince my mom to buy me a Lamar Trick Stick instead of the K2 skis we were buying at the time, but that’s a different story for a different day) – basically an early indicator that winter would be back soon. This was pre-Olympic Sports demise and pre-internet, so you didn’t really have a good reference point on pricing, and no matter how hard I willed it to happen they never had any North Face one pieces in stock, nor Salomon Force 9 3S skis.

Anyways, flash forward 20-some odd years and Sniagrab is now ran by Sports Authority, and some crazy Texan decided the sale was worth camping out 10 days for. Check it. Hardcore or stupid? Like Monday Night Football circa-1993 you make the call.

Youre dumb!
You suck!

4 Replies to “Hardcore Sniagrabber”

  1. Kinda anti-, until I read the words “Sports Authority Sports Castle,” and now I’m pretty much 100% FOR this idea. Sports Authority Sports Castle. And then take “bargains” backwards and boom there’s no better marketing ever. Backwards bargains at Sports Authority Sports Castle.

    what on earff????

    1. i think backwards bargains at castle superstore sounds more interesting

  2. bro is you hitting on me?

    1. hey, just cuz i lived in the bay area doesn’t mean i ride malolos homey

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