The 2010 Capita Snowboards lineup

Posted on the Charlie Slasher earlier today, figured I’d finish up the page I started a few months back discussing the whole line of boards Capita is releasing in 2010. I have to admit they’d never been on my radar before as I’d always written them off as the ‘bubble gum pop’ of snowboards (yes, my mid-90s/snowboard scene explosion/new companies every 10 seconds/skepticism is still there…), just appealing to the ‘under 150 lb soaking wet’ park crowd. After watching the videos on each of the boards and seeing their price points (seriously, a good chunk of their line retails under $400) I have to say I like what they are doing and am intrigued to try one on a resort day this year.

Check out the 2010 Capita lineup here.

If you can’t find them locally you can grab ’em online at evoGear (who also offers free FedEx shipping on orders over $100!) and Snowboard Connection.

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  • A.

    My whole stance is also askance, but Capita are the truth. Rider-owned and staffed for real; they still carrying the torch. They were THERE, and they’re in a much better HERE than most.

    Real dudes there (bloggin and smiling and having fun and shit); boards NOT made in China (without too much Merv-style chest-puffing about it, which is also off-putting); they seem to be snowboarders.

    dude I got a broken drive side spoke don’t make me go all Snowboard Polytricks on it in the middle of the summer! But just know that I thought I didn’t care…until I started looking around…and if you have any love for snowboarding, as “snowboarding,” it’s uncomfortable to see who owns what, with whom, and where…pretty gnarly.

  • bigdood

    I’m with you on all that shit homeskillet. I’m seriously still jaded from the 1st round of snowboard blowups where companies came straight outta Compton, then went straight back to Compton (or like Morrow went public and then died/came back with some shitball video contest last year).

    I’m feelin’ what they’re doing after getting the recent rundown, will definitely try and take one of their rigs for a ride this winter. Where are they made anyways? I’m surprised they can pull off the price points they do!

  • A.

    I’m the wrong guy to ask…

    but, I think they’re all made in the Elan factory in Austria. I was in Austria for two months in college, it was bomb. I’m sure it’s expensive to make boards in Austria…even thought that’s probably a huge factory…it’s no China. Is cool that the things cost probably what they should.

    (giant rant deleted–fuck it)

  • bigdood

    I dig the rant, don’t delete it.

    If their shit is made in Austria that’s even a bigger accomplishment on keeping their prices low. I guess since they aren’t using some uber-rare sheep fleece and crazy reverse engineered trees and unobtonium it keeps their prices low. That, or others are gouging…I mean passing on R&D costs.

  • Yep all CAPiTA’s are produced in Elan. CAPiTA is in it’s 9th collection this year, and for 7 of them we’ve been producing at ELAN. The place is state of the art, has a ton of resources and treats each customer as an individual. Blue who started and still runs CAPiTA spends a couple MONTHS a year over there developing our stuff. We took our entire rep force over there last year to build some boards and check our goods. Peep it:

  • bigdood

    Right on Johan, thanks for the heads up. Rumor has it the Austrians know what they’re doing when it comes to snow.

  • Jernej

    The reason why they can keep prices down is because the Elan factory is in Slovenia and not in Austria – is just own and part of company there… the salary is much lower here than in Austria, but people are realy hard workers and they are sooo precise – all respect to them! in Slovenia we are proud about it…

    so what do you guys think about Elan / Artec snowboards??

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