2010 Burton Snowboards

So it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything as I’ve been playing catch-up with Mobspot (btw, if anybody out there is familiar with creating on device versions of websites ping me) related stuff that got neglected during my move so figured I’d throw something out there. I was putting this together earlier this year, just trying to rally together all the scatted post-ASI info into one place.

First up, a look at the 2010 Burton Snowboards. A few warnings:
-There’s probably a ton of new photos out there now so this may be outdated already
-Some of the links may not work
-I don’t recall where I found all the pictures at online as it’s been months since I started the little project, so be sure to visit shayboarder, southofthenorth, splitboard.com and any other sites on my blogroll/favorites

I still haven’t had a chance to do anything other than dayhikes since hitting Portland, but hopefully will get my review of the Mountain Hardwear Koa 55 up before the winter. Just got my MH Phantom 32, will post a first look soon…

UPDATE: Looks like the 2010 Burton product is hitting online retailers. You can check it out at Snowboard Connection (the OGs of the Seattle snowboard scene, plus John used to support the Surfrider Foundation, good peeps), Backcountry.com, evoGear (Seattle represent again!) and REI.

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  1. Some of the new Burton boards for next year look really cool. I’m hoping to buy myself a burton custom next year, costs a bit more but it will be worth it

  2. Great Post!Collective Information about Snowboards.Thank you!

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