A midsummer night’s snow pr0n

Dreaming of pow turns while sweating in your house and packing? What a coincidence, so am I. Hopefully this short flick of Tim Carlson and Darian Draper playing snowboards together will help you as it helped me. Vid courtesy of Funner Films, so be sure to check them out so that Jeremy Dubs can keep doing his thing.

6 Replies to “A midsummer night’s snow pr0n”

  1. i lankd you
    lemme know if that dont fly
    otherwise: you lankt

  2. Everything flies in these parts homey, you keep gettin’ your drink on and I’ll keep packing and getting high on bleach

  3. wot?
    wait wot?

  4. I thought you were getting lankd…guess not. Maybe that was a line from the vid? I didn’t watch ‘er with sound…well, other than the voices in my head yelling ‘when did you get all this fucking shit’

    Me: two seconds from giving all my shit away (well, I’ll keep a longboard and a laptop) and going feral

  5. dood i’m just saying hype-R-LANK’d: cold lankin ya! yer traffic’s gonna pretty much double ASAP

    splitboards for sale?

  6. Ahh, gotcha. I had to urbandictionary lankd and it came up with the drunk def’n. Thx for the linkage, hopefully people will stop just reading and start commenting, get some actual activity going.

    I’ve got a 168 burton s-series that I’m gonna get rid of, but I need to make sure my self-splittage goes well first!

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