In Portland this week

No real updates to be had for y’all. If any readers are around ping me though, we can meet for a beer.

3 comments to In Portland this week

  • i just love the page you have devoted to Craig Kelly. 6 years after his death and I can always find something about Craig to read about.



  • 6 years later and thanks to articles like the one you have posted on craig his memory still lives on.



  • bigdood

    Appreciate the kind words Gizzard. That post for Craig Kelly’s birthday was tough, I mean how does one really pay homage and tribute to the man without UNDERESTIMATING his importance to snowboarding? There’s pretty much nothing you can do/say to hammer the point home that the Shaun White and other megaglam stars of today’s snowboard world would be flipping burgers at Burger King if CK never existed.

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