My last work day in the Bay area will be the 26th of June.  Relocation to Portland coming sometime in early July (yes, I know the skiing is weak sauce, but the drive to my beloved Crystal will be less then the current drive is to Tahoe).  STOKED!

Any PDX readers wanting to grab a beer when I’m in town, first one is on me


Posting this vid for A.

5 comments to Relocation!

  • A.

    post a bike, beard, and vegan something-or-other STAT, lest ye be banished from ptown…

  • bigdood

    LOL! No shit, it does seem like Portland is a hipster black hole. When I start wearing tight jeans and listening to bands that don’t exist yet I’ll move.

  • bigdood

    I’m hopeful the bikes there have gears as opposed to the fixed gear crap that took over SF a few years back. Worst idea evar!

  • A.

    nah troop: I was just there last weekend…
    The entire city is Lower Haight, but with way fewer scary people. The city’s flat, so fixed gears ALMOST make enough sense to ride (AKA there are billions of them)…I think it may actually be the fixed gear capital of the world.
    I’m a bike guy, but when I go to Ptown, even I’m like “yo: chill on the bikes.”
    One of the bridges has a DOUBLE bike lane up the approach. Insane.

    it’s cool, but sprittymuch hipster paradise…which, while sort of annoying, is better than an asshole paradise or some place that makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry (LA and LA, respectively).

    there are definitely worse places…

  • bigdood

    I haven’t lived there since 98 or so. I’d like to go back to Seattle for the better skiing/saltwater/etc., but every time I’m back in the Seattle area it feels a lot like the Bay area anymore and makes me want to punch someone in the mouth.

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