Beer Friday

BEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR FRIDAY! This one is going to taste better than most as my day job has officially turned the corner from not even remotely interesting if you squint your eyes and turn your head to just plain ohmygodmakeitstop mundane. The days are a’draggin’, and combined with the fact that I probably won’t make it into the backcountry for a few weeks (looks like there will be some goods for the people get up there though) as I’m working on my exit plan (aka founding my next startup). So, to celebrate the end of the week, and eventual new beginnings, I present to you one of my favorite bottled beers evar!


Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Elder

From the Russian River Brewing Company (a brewery I’ve only been to once and couldn’t drink as I was taking my MSF class that weekend!) in Santa Rosa, CA I can only describe this beer as heaven in a glass. Seriously. If there is a heaven my first day there (huge assumption…) will consist of being reunited with my childhood dog and he’ll offer me up a pint of Pliny (dogs will have opposable thumbs in heaven), or something like that. Bright white, quickly dissipating head with a crisp, citrusy hops aroma with just a touch of pine. Balanced flavor that keeps you guessing. “Was it sweet?” “Was it bitter?” At 8% it’s dangerously drinkable. Highly, highly recommended.

So there it is, another week down, chased with yet another good beer. Get out there and get’er done this weekend!

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