“Sorry bro, powder day”

Seriously, you never once looked back to see how your friend was doing? FRS radio much? Never looked down the edge of the slope that you were only two or three feet away from?

Undaunted and seemingly unaware of his friends’ mishap, the first person continued to the peak of Milly headed to the pre-planned destination. Two groups of Brighton employees not far behind were headed to Wolverine as well and were alerted of the incident via cell phone. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together they realized the person ahead of themwas involved in the incident and told him he needed to get back to Brighton and check in with the patrol confirming he wasn’t a missing person in the debris. Instead, the person went on to put a lap in Wolverine Bowl, then exited through the Stupid Chute, eventually making his way back to the Brighton Resort over an hour later where he alerted ski patrol personnel that he was safe and accounted for.

Epic fail of a human.

Don’t ski the BC with this guy

Wanted: New friend

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  1. Dickosity: thy name is Andrew Starr.

    (How did this asshole live to be forty-six years old?)

  2. …and will his ‘friend’ let him live to see 47?

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