High marking = fail

OK, I know this is off-topic unless we’re talking Stephen Koch but DAMN that’s a huge slab!  This year the ‘bilers have proven to be rather susceptible to avalanches (23 dead in the BC area alone!), and this year has probably been a massive eye opener for the sled scene to up their avy knowledge.  I know in my avy 1 class of eight one of the guys was a sledder who was in the Fernie to sled with his son during December when seven snowmobilers were caught in fatal avalanches. Was interesting to hear his perspective and how on that weekend he was awaken to the relationship between ignorance and mortality.

Anyways, the vid. Clemina Creek, Canuckistan.

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  1. The whole goddamn thing went, eh?

  2. Yeah, how’d you like to look back and see that? Foooook that.

  3. […] these photos last night from yet another avalanche in the Clemina Creek area (last week posted this vid). Sadly this time didn’t have a happy ending, with one ‘biler being caught. His buddies […]

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