Burton W48 experience

Recently called up Burton to get a replacement Speed Zone lace for my Driver X boots as the lower left zone was on it’s way out after only a few days of riding on it.  Called up Burton and was told they don’t think they have any laces for this year’s Speed Zone boots yet, but they’ll take my name/number and get back to me the next day  (it should be noted that everytime I’ve dealt with Burton’s customer service team they’ve actually been GREAT – friendly, etc. – and this time was no exception, just thought it odd they wouldn’t have laces in yet for their new boots).  Call comes in the next day that they’ve got the laces, let’s get your address and get them out to you.  Done and doner, lace is in the mail.  Little did I know they ship by a method that requires a signature to deliver, and as FedEx drops off during the day I’m not usually (exception today as I came down with a gnarly allergies/cold this weekend) around to sign for things.  Here’s the rub though:  they require a signature on warranty parts they send out, but NONE of the proform stuff I got from them required a signature – my board and other goodies just sat on my front porch!

So, opened up the folder I just signed for post-earthquake (we had a small quake this AM, I ran outside in my boxers as I thought someone drove into my house!) to see what all was included.  Packing slip and the laces were it.  I assumed there’d be some sort of instructions on replacing the laces as I’ve never (and assuming most others haven’t) replaced Speed Zone laces.  Nope, no instructions, you get your invoice and your laces, figure out the rest rocket scientist!

Replacement lace and an invoice
Replacement lace and an invoice

So, I was going to make a vid to help out anyone else looking to replace their Speed Zones, but found the below video on Youtube. Looks pretty easy actually.

(It should be noted that between my pounding headache and coughing up blood that I’m being a bit of a bitch, so if this post reeks of bitchy rant, well…it is)

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