Beer Friday

Yup, it’s that time of week again, BEER FRIDAY (if you’re confused as to what beer has to do with skiing or snowboarding view the previous week’s beer friday, or any of the how-tos). You’ve spent all week at work watching and waiting for the minutes to turn to hours, it’s time to reward yourself and find that special bottle of ale or lager and take the edge of another week.

Avery IPA is like a powder day for your mouth. Not two feet of fresh blower pow (their Ale to the Chief IS two feet of blower though, but as it’s borderline impossible to find it’s not getting nominated), but I’d say at least a foot with no crunchy bottom. It’s got a smooth, mellow, floral hops taste without any over the top bitterness for the sake of hophead street cred. Seriously, it’s good.

Avery IPA

Avery IPA

So there it is, another week down, another beer nominated. Hope everyone is able to get after it this weekend.

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