I know it’s no secret that most ski and snowboard gear is made offshore (the subject of a future post I’ve been got brewing…), but I’m still not real sure what to make of this find on Alibaba….

Are these snowboards factory overruns or counterfeits? Better yet, can I convince one of these factories to send me a sample “to test before I place my order”? My first assumption was that these were overruns (or factory theft, but they do list their monthly capacity, unless that’s just the monthly capacity they can steal) til I saw the Mervin product on there. If they are indeed counterfeit it makes me wonder how much of this makes it into the local markets.

Burton Jussi....OEM or OMG

Burton would be thrilled to see this

Forum or against em?

Forum or against 'em?

Made in China by riders who actually ride?

Made in China by riders who actually ride

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